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After Effects shines in design and motion graphic uses, way better Illustrator and PhotoShop integration etc. Speed wise: Multiple times faster on many projects.

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True multi threading, render farm computing pro version , GPU rendering for several effects, efficient memory handling. We have seen projects coming in from customers, done originally in AE. They consulted us because AE told them hours of rendering blowing their deadlines. We rebuild the whole thing in Fusion in a few hours and rendered in 2 hours. Its not always THAT extreme, of course not. But the idication is: Complex stuff is handled way faster in Fusion than in AE.

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The Best VFX Software in 12222

Clearly there are things in Nuke that are missing or more complex in Fusion. But the opposite is true as well. Over here we do VFX work in Fusion since nearly 25 years and I have yet to find a job that we can't handle in Fusion but could have handled in Nuke instead. Nukes strongest point in the past few years was the aggressive marketing due to a lot of investors money.

Now with BMD being one of the most aggressively marketing companies that might quickly change. See what happend to the grading industry with the acquisiton of DaVinci. In a strongly changing VFX world, where cost pressure is often a deciding point on "to be or not to be" - Fusion is currently more appealing than its expensive counterpart Nuke. The tricky point is what one can do with these and if you can use it commercially. For me, Nuke free is nothing else than a limited use "learning edition". Something that Eyeon essentially had since decades before getting acquired by BMD. Michael, not every studio needs Nuke.

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I've been using Fusion since it was owned by Eyeon, and it offers great value for the cost. Even though I wish it properly supported deep, I can't deny how much they're giving to their users. The fact that there is a free version is really great news for indies and those who want to up their game are now in a great position to do so The Engine has been great for bringing assets into Maya which it would not be able to handle itself.

If the architecture allows, have you ever considered raising the annual pricing and adding 3rd party renderer support? I can't talk about the future of Houdini or Indie but if you send us your thoughts they will be considered. Anyone know a good training resource for Fusion 8? I've always wanted to learn it but I can't find any resources for beginners. I wouldn't mind paying for it, either. I'm quite happy with the cmiVFX Fusion tutorials.

Video Effects: How to Add Special Effects to Video Easily?

Digital Tutors also has a few introductory courses. FXphd just started a subscription based service as well, but so far I believe there is only one Fusion course. I think they will soon become the most used compositing app in vfx. Nuke is way too expensive right now. Here we get a superb free composting app with a really good studio price kinda a steal looking at other comp apps. I don't think After Effects is a compositing app, it's more a motion design app.

Of course Fusion is not as great as Nuke right now, but it's Blackmagic - they will make it as good or even better sooner or later.

The Best Movie Making And VFX Software PC/MAC 2018-2019

Seriously this whole article is just old news And please the free version just like resolve is more than enough the the individual User! Unless you're a professional post house you mostly won't be needing the paid version.

Why should I care about video editing software?

Re: Already node-based Yes exactly, and for years prior. NFS needs to get some real writers who know what they are talking about instead of making crap up. And to the other point I thought they just hired new writers and moved out from the basement they were in to a real office.

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Skip to main content. No Film School. New in Version 15 — Improved Timeline We listened to your feedback, and now our Timeline is even more convenient.

Fusion 16 | Blackmagic Design

Multitrack editing: add new tracks, change the order Independent tracks: unlink overlay tracks and place clips anywhere you want on them Enhanced design: the Timeline is now more compact and easier to navigate. Built-in content Use ready-made video clips, backgrounds, music, and sounds from the Video Editor library.

Video stabilization Stabilize shaky footage without affecting overall video quality. Picture in picture Display any number of videos on a single screen. Audio editing tools Tweak audio frequency, apply normalization, remove noise, add sound effects. Webcam capture Capture footage from your web camera. Beat detection Detect audio beats to sync the pace of your video with the music.

Audio capture Record a voiceover, capture sound from your guitar or synth. Need easy-to-use Mac video editing software? Making videos has never been so much fun! Buy Now Download for Free. Need more tools for your multimedia projects? Features and built-in content Video Editor 15 for Mac Video Editor 15 Plus for Mac Essential video editing Filters, transitions, titles, effects Montage Wizard Maximum number of tracks on the Timeline 6 99 Keyframe animation of titles, overlay video, etc.

More about Video Editor Plus. Tech Specs. Buy Now Buy Now. Buy Now. Interface languages.

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System Requirements Operating system. Graphics card. Hard drive space. System permissions. Administrator permissions are required for installation. Supported formats and devices. Filters, transitions, titles, effects. Maximum number of tracks on the Timeline.

visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac
visual effects program for mac Visual effects program for mac

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