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The Network Addon Mod NAM combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far.

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It will add This is a fix for a problem the SimCity 4 BAT textures which primarily occured with larger buildings. It is designed to fix issues for users of Windows 98 and certain users This is the official Lot Editor for SimCity 4, which expands the possibilities of customizing buildings in the game, alongside the BAT. This is the Official Building Architect tool for SimCity 4, which allows players to create their own buildings in the game.

This map is,well a map. Actually first one i made.

Sim City 4 region creation time lapse

It has a lot of rivers and islands,hence the name. Perfect for your bridging projects. You also have Download the SimMars Soundtrack, a compilation of 12 game music tracks from the SimMars mod blended into a mix suitable for CD burning. Total running Beta 3 is another step towards the goal of SimMars. Most main game functions and buildings have been replaced and the mod plays fairly well now. No files were found matching the criteria specified.

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Created by. Guide Index. Step 1: Create a region. Step 2: The "config. Step 3: Drawing up your region.

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Step 4: Finishing up. You will need a paint studio program such as mspaint, paintNET or Gimp. The first thing you'll have to do is run SimCity 4 and navigate to the region screen. Here, you'll find the option to create a region. If you are unfamiliar with the process, here's what you need to do: 1 At the top of the screen, click the highlighted button. On hovering over it, it will display the tooltip "Region View Options". Hovering over it will dislay the tooltip "Create New Region". Choose either "Plains" or "Water" as your default terrain, depending on how you see your region developing.

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This choice is moot if you decide to apply a heightmap to the region, although I won't be going in to that in this guide. Basically, if you are planning to create a giant landmass, it would require less terraforming if you select "Plains".

Now, with a little work, you can get on to customising your map. The next step requires you to navigate to your SimCity 4 custom data file. This is generally stored in your documents directory as opposed to the important installation files found in the "Program Files" folders.

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Steam Community :: Guide :: How to define your own regions in SimCity 4

If you are using Windows 7, you need only open your "Documents" folder, then find a directory labled "SimCity 4", then open up the "Regions" folder. Inside you will find several other folders named after the regions that are currently available in the game. Also present should be your own region. Open up the folder to see its contents.

Inside, you should find two files - a bitmap image titled "config" and a. Open up the config. That little speck in the middle represents the layout of your region. If we zoom in, we can get a clearer look at it.

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Put simply, the red represents the small 1km x 1km zones, the green represents the medium sized 2km x 2km zones, while the blue represents the large 4km x 4km zones. From this image, we can infer that this zone has a single large zone surrounded by a series of medium and small zones. So creating your own region is a simple matter of editing this file.

Which brings us to the next stage of this guide - opening up a paint program. One of the first things you may have noticed was that the config. That is, it's 1km to 1 pixel. Also, by "counting" the red 1x1 pixels, you can see that this map in SimCity measures 16km by 16km. In editing your config. Indeed, you are free to increase the size of your region many times over, although remember that this may have a negative effect on your system performance.

The first step in working with paint involves locating your config. Otherwise, simply import it into your paint studio of choice.

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Zoom in as close as you can get and you are ready to begin editing. The first thing you may want to do is resize the canvas. In this case, doubling the dimensions to 32x32 pixels would be acceptable - particularly if you want to build on a larger than normal region. NOTE that the image will actually be stretched, rendering this map unusable. As a matter of fact, this will result in a completely unusable map, and so we will have to begin right from the beginning and draw out the regions ourselves. Of course, if you opted to simply edit the config.

As I have said, SimCity 4 uses 3 particular colours to construct a region - red, green and blue. In order for any colour to be recognised as red, green or blue, they need the relevant colour value to be set at

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