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All IO ports are located on the same side of the machine.

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Internal expansion is more or less out of the question. The Mac Pro remains the easiest Mac to get into. Interestingly enough, Apple appears to be using unmodified Xeon processors with their integrated heat spreader attached. Long time readers of our Mac Pro reviews will remember that the Nehalem Mac Pro actually featured Xeons sans IHS, which made aftermarket upgrades a little trickier and potentially dangerous. Especially as Xeon pricing drops down the road, this may be a good way of extending the lifespan of your Mac Pro.

All three boards connect to the main logic board MLB at the bottom of the mini tower. The new Mac Pro still has an internal speaker. There's not much to say about it, it's ok in a pinch if you need audio and don't want to hook up external speakers. I've had one weird issue with the internal speaker: it occasionally produces a high pitched noise, requiring a power cycle to clear. Either way if you see it on your system, know that you can clear it by a full power cycle not soft reset. Apple offers two Mac Pro configurations with several upgrade options from the factory.

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The last time I did a Mac Pro vs. The same is true for the new Mac Pro. I poked around Dell, HP and Lenovo websites looking for comparable systems. Both HP and Lenovo offered fairly comparable systems:. As I learned last time, there are typically some hefty discounts associated with workstation orders so take this pricing with a grain of salt. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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Privacy Policy. Powerful computers run hot, and ones that can't disperse that heat properly -- like, under some circumstances, the Mac Pro -- run hot and slow down and can even damage themselves.

12222 Apple Mac Pro vs. 2013 Mac Pro: How Far Has the Hardware Come?

The Mac Pro's form factor also made upgrading the device a nightmare. Modular design is important in desktops and especially high-powered ones , because it allows power users to upgrade things like RAM and storage without having to throw out the computer and start over. In particular, the Mac Pro's inability to take on new graphics chips helped kill its appeal to precisely the sort of people Apple hoped would use it, like animators.

Though initial sales were good , the Mac Pro's failings soon caught up with it. It hasn't been much of a factor in years, and it is vilified by review sites and Apple fan blogs.

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So when reports surfaced that Apple was going back to the drawing board for this latest refresh of the Mac Pro, it was hardly a surprise. All eyes were on Apple when it unveiled its new Mac Pro this Monday. Did the company learn from the debacle? For the most part, yes. The Mac Pro of is a machine of the future, but it is clear that Apple has taken a deliberate step back in its design philosophy.

Well according to Marco Arment, plenty. In a fascinating post he takes a look at how Apple screwed up with the Mac Pro and what the company needs to do to fix it. It was more expensive than its predecessor, while also removing major features that many of its customers still needed. The MacBook Pro has the same problem.


Less than a year after its release, it missed the desktop Retina revolution started by the 5K iMac, and it was beaten handily in single-threaded performance by a CPU generation that Apple never updated it to use. More at Marco.

What went wrong with Apple’s Mac Pro? | CIO

I was initially excited about the Mac Pro until I saw what it offered for its high price. But back then I figured that Apple would update the Mac Pro at some point, and then it might be a better buy than it had been with the initial model. I had no idea in that the company would simply ignore the Mac Pro and allow it to languish without any updates until Frankly, if you had told me that Apple would do that, I probably would have said you were crazy.

Nobody expected the Mac Pro to have the same hardware for 3. As someone who plays games on his Mac, I would love it if the new Mac Pro offered a configuration that was optimized for gaming. Believe it or not, there are a fair amount of Mac gamers out there but Apple has never bothered to really address the gaming market.

There are tons of options for gamers who use Windows computers, but almost nothing for Mac gamers with the exception of those who build a Hackintosh. So I would be quite excited if a new Mac Pro finally offered Mac gamers a truly modular system that provided top-notch gaming performance and that could be upgraded easily.

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