Multiple iphone backups on mac

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Coming from the big family of Wondershare , we had high expectations for this useful piece of software. This software suite consists of so many tools for managing your iPhone. Because dr. This process takes a second and the Backup system would be ready instantly. All the next steps are as simple as they get. Given that you have already connected your iPhone via USB, dr. In this step, you can select the type of data you want to back up to the computer. Now, this is something so interesting. You can back up a variety of data such as contacts, app files, reminders, voice memos and even app documents.

You also get to decide where you want to store the backup file. Depending on the size of the data, this may take around a few minutes. You should also have an option to restore the taken backups, right? Thankfully, dr.

Delete old iOS backups to free up tons of space on your Mac - CNET

There are three different ways to restore backups to your iPhone. We believe these three options are more than sufficient for taking care of all your iPhone backup and restore needs. You may have multiple iOS devices or you may take multiple backups of your iPhone. To open this interface, you can click on View Backup History button on the dr. As you can see, the screen would show you a list of existing backups, their size and other basic data.

This is a great feature when you have multiple backups from multiple devices. Now, select the backup file you want to manage and click the View button. In the next screen, there is a fully-fledged view of the backup.

How to Sync iTunes With Multiple iPhones? : Help With iTunes

You can select the type of data from sidebar and it would show you the backed-up information on the right. And, yes, you can export the backup content to PC if you want. Now, this is a feature you cannot find either in iTunes or iCloud. However, we think dr. Along with it, we would love to see some device management options as well. This is a great way to control how you manage a singular device in the course of time. While dr. There are also business licensing options from Wondershare. We found the pricing to be quite reasonable, considering the features in question. All things considered, dr.

It packs all the features you would expect for easy backup and restore functions. Despite these, the pricing structures are pretty affordable too.

How to Back Up Your iPhone

And, we would recommend this to every single iPhone user out there. First of all, iMazing is not a dedicated backup solution for iOS devices. Instead, we are looking at an iPhone manager that packs decent features, including data backup.

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If you are looking at some advanced features and a better alternative to iTunes, iMazing surely stands a chance. Getting started with iMazing is super-easy. Once you have opened the program and connected the iPhone via USB, the tool would automatically detect your device and show you some options. We felt backup process of iMazing was pretty fast and there was no lag of whatsoever nature.

The best part is that you can keep using the software even when the backup is happening. You can click on the Back Up button from the main screen to launch the interface. This, however, poses a problem. Unlike dr. On the bright side, however, iMazing offers ample options for incremental backups.

You can decide what happens when you plug the iPhone to the Mac. You can also decide how iMazing deals with previous backup files on the device in the long run. Altogether, the program sees the whole ordeal of backups from an iPhone management point of view.

In addition, the backup options offered by iMazing are pretty expansive. For instance, you can not only back up your WhatsApp messages but also access the messages from your Mac. Now, this is an amazing feature on any day, you know. You are also getting access to backup export and management options.

However, the features contribute to just a simple part of the whole iMazing package. As we said earlier, iMazing is a professional-quality iPhone management software. The program offers much features you would not even expect to see in iTunes. We would not think twice before calling iMazing as an amazing alternative to iTunes, for instance. Just be sure that you can manage all your photos, contacts, social media messages and almost everything else from the single interface of iMazing.

However, we felt that the tool has a better focus on iPhone management than dedicated backups. That may be a deal-breaker for at least some of you.

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Before you make a backup of your iPhone or iPad using iTunes, it's necessary to make sure iCloud is turned off on your iPhone or iPad. You can't create backups using iTunes when iCloud is enabled. You'll see an option to "Sync Now" but by default the iOS device will automatically sync when the device meets three conditions: 1 the screen is locked i.

How to free up storage by deleting iTunes backups of iOS devices

Syncios Data Transfer backs up and restores to and from your computer all the important information and media files stored on your smart phone or any other Android device. The program will save in a folder on your PC any videos, images, contacts, apps, and even call logs stored on your phone or tablet without any quality loss. Once you check all the data that you wish to backup, click Next , Data Transfer will start to back up the selected contents on your phone to the computer.

Free Download. Data backup and retrieve in lossless quality at any time. Tranfer data between several devices. Extract data from iTunes backup.

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Less feature than Windows Version Unable to search music. No online source downloading feature. Please note that you do not have to run iTunes when using this free iPhone Music Transfer. Step 3: Backup Music from iPhone to Mac. Supports backing up settings, messages, camera roll, documents, saved games, etc. Support all iPod, iPad and iPhone models.

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It will be clear thing that you need while restoring. Slow or frozen interface. Step 3: Start to Backup. Choose your device in left panel, then click Back Up Now on the right.

multiple iphone backups on mac Multiple iphone backups on mac
multiple iphone backups on mac Multiple iphone backups on mac
multiple iphone backups on mac Multiple iphone backups on mac
multiple iphone backups on mac Multiple iphone backups on mac
multiple iphone backups on mac Multiple iphone backups on mac

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