How to fix http error 404 on mac

What Is a 404 Error?

To fix this, simply delete the corresponding record in your browser. When you visit the website again, the software creates a new cookie. Cookies store information about website visits so the webserver knows you have visited the website in the past and what activities you undertook there. Cookie laws protect the privacy of internet users when using cookies. Another solution you can try is to delete your DNS cache. When you browse the internet, the domain names you enter are translated into IP addresses, which is how they connect to the World Wide Web.

To do this, a name resolution must first be carried out with a nameserver. However, the next time the domain is entered into the browser, and the entry has not yet been automatically removed from the cache, the name resolution will take place directly from the cache. To remove the incorrect entry, you must delete the complete DNS cache. This can be done by running the command prompt on Windows and entering this command to empty the cache:. For Mac systems, the command is dependent on which version of OS is being used. All commands are entered via the terminal:.

The header consists of several fields, in which requests and answers are defined. If both callers have matched the parameters, the requested data will be exchanged. Because this involves communication between the browser and the webserver , and errors are usually caused by problems with the client, the browser is probably responsible for the error. The best way to test whether your default browser could be the cause of the problem: temporarily switch to another browser.

If the page can be accessed using your test browser, switch back to your original web browser. For security reasons, it is best to delete them all instead of just one. Cookies are transferred in the header and this is how the webserver learns about your previous visit.

If the browser ends up having to process too many requests, it could mean that the header will exceed the length limit. Depending on which browser you use, there are different ways to reset it. For Firefox , type in about:support for troubleshooting.


Here, you will find plenty of information that will help you detect errors in the software. On this page, you will see a button that enables you to ' clean up Firefox '. When you click on it, it will delete extensions and some settings, but will keep your current settings. In Internet Explorer , you can find the ' Reset ' button in the internet options under the ' Advanced ' tab or ' Restore defaults ' under IE 6.

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The Microsoft browser lets you choose whether you want to delete your personal settings when resetting. Since Internet Explorer also counts cache and cookies as these types of settings, it is recommended to delete these too. With Chrome , you will find the reset functions in the system settings. The browser keeps your personal data, like stored passwords and history, but returns everything else to its original state. Close the browser and restart it for the changes to take effect. If you are a web master and visitors have been complaining about the error code, then changing the service settings might help.

How does a '404 error' come about?

In order to prevent internet users from receiving the error message due to an oversized HTTP header, you can set the limit. However, you should be aware that with higher limits, you increase the risk of defective requests. Ignoring such header fields would increase the server's vulnerability to request smuggling attacks Section 9.

Would you like to increase the limit anyway? Each web server has its own method. In that case, you should seek help elsewhere. In principle, you have two contact persons, depending on whether the HTTP error is only displayed on a specific site or on many sites. If the error only occurs on a particular site, and the attempts to resolve it are not successful, you can contact the website operator.

In both situations, you have to give your contact person as much information as you possibly can.

Safari - HTTP Error 404 accessing HarborCloud on Safari

This includes all the attempts you have undertaken so far to get rid of the tedious problem. On the other hand, you also need to give information about your system: which operating system and browser do you use? Have you installed extensions for this? Do you use a firewall or surf the internet via a proxy?

All this information will help the support teams and the web master to solve the problem. This will enable you to surf the internet again without the error being displayed. In this respect, the Bad Gateway error is no exception.

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  • In the chain of gateways along which internet requests run, the error could occur at a number of different points. This article explains Is your browser displaying an http error instead of the web page you requested? This means that the web server has not granted you access to that page. MacBook Pro is well known for its processor speed that can turbo boost up to 4.

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    how to fix http error 404 on mac How to fix http error 404 on mac
    how to fix http error 404 on mac How to fix http error 404 on mac
    how to fix http error 404 on mac How to fix http error 404 on mac
    how to fix http error 404 on mac How to fix http error 404 on mac
    how to fix http error 404 on mac How to fix http error 404 on mac
    how to fix http error 404 on mac How to fix http error 404 on mac

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