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Tiptizzle macrumors Original poster. Apr 22, 2. I have a Seagate Goflex home that is not allowing me to write to the drive anymore.

Seagate GoFlex Dashboard Software Setup and Usage

It tells me I don't have permission. I believe this happened when I upgraded to Mavericks was using Mountain Lion.

I can still write to the drive on my wife's Windows 7 machine. Any idea how I can fix this?

DeltaMac macrumors G3. Jul 30, 9, 2, Delaware. DeltaMac said:.

Reformatting GoFlex Home Network

Apr 13, Tiptizzle said:. Check out their website to see if they have any firmware updates. The easiest way to do this is to google it and follow the link as their website isn't easy to get through. Businesses and branch offices can store photos or video clips of completed projects or samples of the types of work that can be done and use the GoFlex Home to let potential customers view them.

Using the GoFlex TV HD media player, the photos or videos can be wirelessly streamed to a TV to display samples of work, or marketing videos in a lobby. As larger capacity GoFlex drives are available from Seagate, the drive inside the GoFlex Home unit can be replaced to expand storage space. The GoFlex Home drive also has a USB port which can be used either to add additional external storage space, or to connect a printer which would then be available to systems connected to the wireless network.

Being able to wirelessly backup data will simplify the process and ensure that critical data is backed up and available in the event of a catastrophe like a hard drive crash, or a lost or stolen laptop. If anybody has any other ideas on how to resolve this without having to reinstall the Dashboard software then would appreciate it.

Just to clarify my problem, my Dashboard is working fine, or at least appears to be connecting to my GoFlex drive without any issues. I'm pretty sure it's because my laptop was originally 32 bit as mentioned earlier , but after the Windows 10 upgrade it is now 64 bit. This leads me to think that it's a driver issue, as I have already had to fix a different issue by replacing a 32 bit driver for a 64 bit one. So I reckon this is going to be a similar problem.

GoFlex Desk for Mac | Seagate Support US

I just don't know which driver to change. September August July RSS Feed. Author Write something about yourself.

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goflex home software for mac Goflex home software for mac
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