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The help is an equally useless small bit of text. To examine and edit Apple. FAT32 has a size limit of around 4GB, so you can't put any files over that on there. But ExFat is legally-encumbered so that anyone who tries to write a Linux driver for it is subject to a nasty lawsuit from Microsoft. FAT32 is the only filesystem I know of that can be both read and written under all three major operating systems Windows, OS-X, and Linux as well as by various special purpose devices like digital cameras.

It's unfortunate that FAT32 is an archaic design and has some serious limitations, but if your files are smaller than 4 GB and the partition containing your filesystem is under 2 TB, FAT32 provides portability between OS's that no other filesystem can. For the record, The Paragon app won't let you run the free trial any more. What gives?? All I can access is the help menu, which ain't helpful at all!

MacDrive no longer allows access to Mac drives during the evaluation period How we are supposed to evaluate it without actually evaluating it is beyond my little brain. All I have to check to see if the drive is actually bad is a Windows 7 x64 machine as her Air sure won't help. After two supposed hard drive failures in 3 months I'm a bit suspicious of the SATA controller or cabling.

Don’t Format the Drive! (Yet)

After I pulled the drive, I decided to plug into my test PC and the firmware updated fine and the disk management utility sees 3 healthy partitions, but I can't read them without one of the products mentioned in this thread. It sounds like MacDrive is the one I need, but seek confirmation as I do intend to purchase the product that best suits.

After trialling the free version and finding it appeared to do what I wanted it to do and did it reasonably well and simply, I thought I'd do the right thing purchased a license. So far, after 2 weeks, I'm still waiting for a response to my request for help from Paragon and it seems I could be waiting a while. Apparently, irrespective of the fact I have purchased a license, because I didn't also purchase a 'support package' I've gone on a 'no guarantee' waiting list while those who purchased a support package get preferential treatment.

Doesn't Paragon understand any person who goes to the effort of purchasing a license expects sufficient technical support to at least get what was purchased working. But apparently not. Further it seems some customers are more important that others. So, my strong recommendation is, 'think 2 or 3 times about when you want the application to work before you purchase. So if you dont want to buy a Windows machine just to maintain your portable drives, dont use Microsoft formats.

I once had to prepare files for a non-profit client using windows XP.

Moving Data Between Two Systems Using an External Hard Drive (for MacOS)

I instructed them to use the update for ExFat and prepared an ExFat drive to mail them original high quality HD video files on. It all went well until I realized some characters are illegal in ExFat and that made for a lot of initial problems. Once I removed any character like:! Somebody should mention that when talking about ExFat. Does anyone have a good link to reference? Always and never are too terms not often used in IT.

You can look it up if you care. Always and never are two terms not often used in IT. You can look it up if you care to. It randomly stops working, and I have to reinstall. Going to try MacDrive.

4 Useful Methods For Getting Files Off Failing Hard Drive On Mac [MiniTool Tips]

Palu, installing the filesystem drivers that come with bootcamp on a non Apple computer is possible, I did it a few months ago to get files off an old hard drive. Always had the idea you could install the bootcamp drivers on a non-apple branded pc, but doesnt look like its a possibility. Shake, would have been perfect :. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy.

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Bradley Peate. Mark Tristan R. Thank you so much for this. Just what I need.

Again, thank you very much. Daniel De Paula. The Java application worked fine for me. Lucky I had the VM installed This didn't work. Gave me the blue screen of death. Not worth it. Ben Myers. This method doesn't many ANY changes to your Windows software. Thanks Gary. These are the answers I've been looking for a long time. And it's free. Greg Searle. What could the problem be? I didn't want to spring for MacDrive, but at least it works. Isaac B. MacDrive despite costing the most was the one that worked. Just follow the steps given below and you should be able to recover data from dead MacBook.

Step 1. Remove the dead hard drive from your Mac using the official instructions. The manufacturer website will have steps on how you can remove a hard drive from your Mac. Step 2. Once the dead hard drive has been removed from your Mac, put it into an external drive enclosure. Launch the software, choose your external drive from the list, and then click on the button that says Scan. Step 5: When the software has finished scanning your dead hard drive, you will see a list of files that can be recovered.

Select the files you want to recover and click on the button that says Recover.

There you go. All the files you selected will be recovered from your dead hard drive and saved at your chosen location on your Mac.

How to Read a Mac-Formatted Drive on a Windows PC

That is how you use a third-party software to recover data from a dead hard drive on Mac. If you would like to recover data on the same Mac where you lost your data, you can create a bootable USB drive of macOS and use it to boot-up your dead Mac. Then, you can use a data recovery software to recover your data.

The following shows how you can go about doing it on your machine. Plug-in a compatible USB drive to your Mac. Step 3. Launch the Terminal app on your Mac by clicking on Launchpad and searching for and clicking on Terminal.

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  • Step 4. Make sure to use the command that is for your version of macOS. Your bootable USB drive should now be ready.

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