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Tweaking FSX config settings. Now, changing these settings is not really recommended unless you really know what you are doing, and we can't be responsible if something goes haywire. You could even harm your computer so any changes you make are at your own risk. With that caveat, the tweaks and tips can be found on our page here.

Steve White wrote some suggestions at the Flight Sim Network to help the "tweaking" process.

Flight Simulator X FPS - MacBook Pro Retina 15.4'' [Bootcamp]

He said to use the same aircraft when making tweaks because it is much easier to judge performance changes. Also, use an aircraft that ships with the program.

Flight Sim + Cable for Spektrum DX6i + Mac - RC Groups

Some add-on aircraft can be a little wonky, and will affect the performance evaluation. Probably the best advice is to make sure your Mac has plenty of juice. Realistically, FSX needs a powerful computer when it is running in its native Windows. Microsoft lists some of the basic Windows system requirements as:. To get the most out of FSX, however, you will need more firepower than these specs , especially if you are going to be running it inside of a current OS X session.

Get a large hard disk and plenty of processing power. Should you tweak the configuration files to make it run better?

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It sounds simple, but if something goes wrong you could botch up some software, or even worse fry your computer. It gives you an idea of what can be achieved. You may want to start with Boot Camp and test how your system reacts. With good results, consider adding Parallels or Fusion to up the ante. Keep in mind that FSX is a graphics intensive game. It is leaps and bounds more immersive than Flight Simulator But impressive graphics come at a price. You should invest in as much hardware power as your budget allows.

Apple iMac running FSX. This advice is even more applicable if you plan on running other Windows programs at the same time as FSX. For example, concurrent screen capture programs can slow things down unless your system has the horsepower to keep everything running smoothly. While it worked like a breeze on my relatively new MacBook Air, both Windows 8 under Parallels, and Mac programs running simultaneously, suffered delays when I tried them on an older iMac. Before you go ahead and buy a full copy of FSX why not download the demo and test it out?

Also, we have a full review of the Steam Edition here. Don't forget Ian Stephens is a flight simulation industry expert with over 20 years of experience and also has a keen interest in aviation and technology. Ian spends a lot of his time experimenting with various simulator packages but has a love for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because of the huge selection of add-ons available.

Ian has been writing for Fly Away Simulation for over 9 years. The content of the comments below are entirely the opinions of the individual posting the comment and do not always reflect the views of Fly Away Simulation. We moderate all comments manually before they are approved. I had set up exactly the same way my FSX but unfortunately if i can say that i have a rMBP and the high resolution its a framerate killer.

I thought at first you were saying flying on Mac as on Mac and not on Windows. Anyway thanks for sharing with others who probably weren't aware of this before.

Either that or run something like VMware fusion, parallels workstation or the free virtual of from oracle. In my experience not one of the emulation programs has full access to the computer's video card's capabilities. That includes fusion. One thing you read on flight sim fora is how powerful a video card you need for this or that to work. Unless you use bootcamp you will be extremely disappointed.

Can anyone. Help me out? I did the whole bootcamp process. However when its time to run the flight sim, its says the drivers may need to be updated. Iused a software. That finds these driver's. And it's also supposed to install the drivers aswell.

But the never do install. It says error. Help me. I am at my wits end. I spent a good bit on the this imac latest version just to push the fsx without breaking the bank.

I really don't like the whole set up of the xplanes. These are the tools I want to use to push me thru aviation school. Could some one tell me program in my control panel how to set it to for single engines and up to four engines. I have tried everything and I just can not get it programmed.

At least you were able to install it. I came to this site from a search on how to install.

Can I use the Phoenix Flight Simulator with a Mac?

I was amazed at how well Parallels 5 ran an intense newer game such as Call of Duty 4 albeit with the graphics complexity turned way down , and it had only minor issues with the older games in my test suite. While Fusion was also capable of playing most of those older games too, it did so at a lower frame rate.

Additionally, I was unable to coax a decent result out of it while testing Call of Duty 4. I tested all games using Windows 7 with two CPUs. When it was released a few years ago, Flight Simulator X required what was then a fairly potent Windows machine. Now it can be run within a virtualization application on a Mac, with decent frame rates. Even though this was being recorded in real time by ScreenFlow , the frame rate was quite good, and you can hear the quality of the audio. The caveat about Parallels as a gaming platform has to do with image quality.

When there were exceptions, however, it was Fusion that looked the best. When playing Half Life 2 , for example, the lighting effects were blocky and broken in Parallels; they were smooth in Fusion. Same scene, different lighting. The Parallels version's blocky sunlight makes this scene less enveloping than it should be. That said, I would still pick Parallels over Fusion for gaming, because of the higher frame rates and its ability to run newer games. Parallels supports the most virtual CPUs eight , so it would seem to be the logical choice for CPU-intensive applications.

I want to experiment with a bunch of different operating systems and Web applications. If you want to experiment with a wide range of operating systems and applications, then Fusion is your best bet as it was last year. Many of these are completely free: You download the appliance you want to use, launch Fusion, and point it at the downloaded file; Fusion takes care of the rest. Parallels offers appliances, too, but as of this writing, its library contains only 87 titles.

Phoenix RC Flight simulator - need Bootcamp, Parallels ?

However, in both programs it takes a bit of effort to import and set up the virtual machine. All three virtualization programs offer some form of OpenGL acceleration, but only Parallels offers it in Linux and all recent versions of Windows. Parallels also had the fastest OpenGL acceleration, and did a good job with the visual effects in Ubuntu Linux.

Parallels is the clear winner here. I have an evaluation copy of OS X Server here, and was able to install it in both Parallels and Fusion, and get it up and running. Your best bet, assuming you know your way around OS X Server, is to download the trial versions of both programs and see how well they work. I am happy with the performance of Windows apps under Boot Camp. Those with less graphics needs work fine under Fusion. I also use Linux virtually. Some food for thougtht.

FSX on Mac using Parallels??

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Originally Posted by lenrev. Aug 17, , PM. Well, I am accustomed to running Phoenix in Boot Camp because there was too much video stuttering with Fusion. The latest Fusion release seems much better. Your new iMac has more horsepower than mine so I'd say you'll probably be happy with it.

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If you have the means to install Fusion with Windows e. You'll have it if you need to run anything in "native" Windows and you can virtualize your Boot Camp setup as well I never found a reason to do this though. You will definately like Fusion for most everything else.

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