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Welcome to the Appraiser Sidekick resources section. This is a curated list of tools that offer help to most appraisal businesses. These resources include tools to help with appraisals, as well as help with the complexities of running a business. The four groups of resources below include online education , appraisal software , business software , and appraisal tools.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. That, however, does not affect the resources we list, because we are not affiliates for most of these resources. Real estate appraisers have education requirements: qualifying education to get a license and certification, and continuing education to maintain a license and certification. On site classroom courses are available, but there are too many to list here.

Online courses are available, and provide the flexibility of working into your schedule. Below are some options for qualifying education, continuing education, and exam preparation. OnCourse Learning provides online education for qualifying and continuing education. Available courses vary by state. Try OnCourse Learning.

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Appraiser eLearning provides online education for continuing education. Try Appraiser eLearning. Learn Appraising offers online test preparation courses. Try Learn Appraising.

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Many software tools are available for helping with the appraisal process. These tools streamline the process of doing an appraisal, help with the accuracy of appraisals, and provide data to assist with appraisals. Anow provides office management software for your appraisal business. Try Anow.

A la mode is a cloud based appraisal tool that helps make appraisals more efficient.

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It can fill out forms automatically, provide detailed analytics, and comprehensive reports. Try a la mode. It is a comprehensive tool that automates many activities. These include sketch tools, flood maps, location maps, analytics, and more. The comprehensive product offering allows the appraiser to purchase tools as they need a la carte, or the entire Desktop Collection.

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Try ACI. Datamaster reduces the amount of data entry for an appraisal by importing data directly from the MLS and public records. Availability varies by MLS. Try Datamaster. Try HouseCanary. ValueLink is a cloud based system that allows appraisers and AMCs to track all of their appraisal orders.

6 Appraisal Software Tools to Streamline Your Process

It is the hub an appraisal management process. Try ValueLink. Log My Appraiser Hours is an online tool for logging hours required for upgrading a license.

Who is Vanguard Appraisals, Inc?

This online tool is currently available in CA. Try Log My Appraiser Hours. Running an appraisal business is more than just doing appraisals. From accounting to marketing, there are many other business related activities need to run a business. Below are some tools to help with some aspects of a business. Appraiser Sidekick makes websites for real estate appraisers. I have to say that I have used several other form filling software packages over the years, and find Wintotal to be superior. I have also found that their technical support to be superior as well.

Jesse, I appreciate the comment and the advice. Still, as a proponent of truth in advertising, I have to at least look at something new at this point. By way of example, I have T-Mobile for my cell provider and Cox for my internet. Both of these services are technically inferior to what Verizon is offering in my area. At the same time, Verizon is staffed by people who do not do what they say they will do.

I have always been an ACI user and have found it very adequate. Researched available software when I opened my first company over 20 years ago and its predecessor was the best available in our opinion. It has served me well over the years. Have been tempted to look at others but have never had the time to fully utilize the ACI amenities and features. Cannot fathom learning a new system while actively running an appraisal company.

However, I only renew when major changes in forms take place, presently about 5 years ago. You can be sure that the software providers are heavily lobbying for major form changes to force the old frugal school of appraisers to upgrade. Even with the requirement of the MC form, I found a source for the form online which provided it in Word allowing me to fill out one for each report, scan it, and drop it into a blank form provided by ACI. They have done everything possible to make it difficult but, like hackers have long known, there's a way around everything. It's a tough business with seemingly everyone wanting "only a small fee" from each report which adds up quickly, especially when considering the lower AMC fees you referenced.

Best of luck. You sentiments echo mine.

Sketching Just Got Easier

I must admit, however, that although my experiences with AlaMode have generally been less than stellar, many others rave about their altruism and overall leniency with regard to payment plans and extending due dates to accomodate their shrinking incomes, as well as Dave Bigger's charitable contributions. In my opinion, their software is superior to any of the others I have heard of, and it does, generally, functional adequately.

I have my own webiste, and even though I pay for one through them, I don't use it, because theirs are inferior. I have a plan - I'm working on plans A, B and C to get out of appraising. As soon as I'm able, I'm gone, because our once noble profession has degraded to a point of absurdity.

Real Estate Appraisal Software

We're a bunch of pseudo-rocket scientists working for slightly more than minimum wage, and certainly less than all of the other players in the industry. Good luck to you! David - Sad that many of the finest appraisers are leaving the profession. As I look back over the years, truly regret I didn't put more aside during the haydays - might have been able to retire.

Time will tell. False Advertising of any kind is a hot topic for me right now. It's incredible and appalling how some agents that are clueless when it comes to Short Sales boast of hundreds of transactions and high closing ratios - neither metric being supported by the MLS. Is anyone using a Mac computer with alamode software. I am in the market for a new computer but not sure if anyone is having any issues using a Mac. So, umm, yeah, I do find it annoying.

Post a Comment. Spam prevention. Subscribe to Comments. Rainer , Rainmaker 85, Rainmaker , I don't see the point in rewarding liars.

Rick, I have always been an ACI user and have found it very adequate.

appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
appraisal sketch software for mac Appraisal sketch software for mac
Appraisal sketch software for mac

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