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For example, if the gender of each subject was known, the data in both columns would have to be arranged by gender. You would then add a third column showing the sex of each subject beside the data. Note that the second variable cannot be mixed in these columns when using Anova. If you had ten male and ten female subjects, for example, the first ten rows would have to be of one gender and the second ten of the other gender. The number of males and females must also be the same if you plan to use Anova analysis with replication.

In the above example, this would be to factor in the effect of gender on the medication. For example, gender in the subjects taking the medication is known but is not to be analyzed. The Anova dialog box opens. Drag the cursor across the cells to be analyzed in the workbook. Two-Factor With Replication.

A published author and professional speaker, David Weedmark has advised businesses and governments on technology, media and marketing for more than 20 years. He has taught computer science at Algonquin College, has started three successful businesses, and has written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines throughout Canada and the United States. Epi Info has been in existence for over 20 years and is currently available for Microsoft Windows. The program allows for data entry and analysis. Within the analysis module, analytic routines include t-tests, ANOVA, nonparametric statistics, cross tabulations and stratification with estimates of odds ratios, risk ratios, and risk differences, logistic regression conditional and unconditional , survival analysis Kaplan Meier and Cox proportional hazard , and analysis of complex survey data.

The software is in the public domain, free, and can be downloaded from http: Limited support is available. They can be downloaded individually , or as a single ZIP file. The calculation of person-years allows flexible stratification by sex, and self-defined and unrestricted calendar periods and age groups, and can lag person-years to account for latency periods. Developed by Eurostat to facilitate the application of these modern time series techniques to large-scale sets of time series and in the explicit consideration of the needs of production units in statistical institutes.

Contains two main modules: Meta-analysis 5. Probably still the most frequently used meta-analysis software in the world. Can select the analysis of exact p values or effect sizes d or r, with a cluster size option. Can plot a stem-and-leaf display of correlation coefficients. A utility menu is provided that allows various transformations and preliminary computations that are typically required before the final meta-analysis can be performed. Developed to help physicians and medical researchers to synthesize evidence in clinical or therapeutic research.

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Life Table -- available in Lotus and Excel formats. Uses age-specific mortality and morbidity data to convert relative risk estimates into absolute risk estimates. That is, it estimates the probability that a patient will suffer a specific morbid or mortal outcome in a given time interval. The user first specifies a data file that contains the needed mortality and morbidity data for the disease of interest.

She then gives her patient's age and relative risk, and the time interval over which the risk estimate is to be derived. The program derives this risk, which is given both interactively and in a log file. Surveys, Testing, and Measurement: CCOUNT -- a package for market research data cleaning, manipulation, cross tabulation and data analysis. ProtoGenie -- a free extensible web-based environment for research design and data collection for surveys, experiments, clinical trials, time series, cognitive and vision research, and methods courses. Lets you specify groups and define measurement and treatment events and their sequencing.

The goal is to let users move smoothly from research design and data collection to interim and final statistical analysis. Has a user-friendly interface to prepare command files, run the core estimation program, and display results. Allows different questionnaire items to have varying numbers of response categories useful when sparse responses require recoding into fewer response categories. Handles sporadically missing responses.

Provides item fit statistics and diagnostic graphics of performance. Rasch Measurement Software -- deals with the various nuances of constructing optimal rating scales from a number of usually dichotomous measurements, such as responses to questions in a survey or test. These may be freely downloaded, used, and distributed, and they do not expire. They are:. Q-Method -- a statistical program for analyzing data from the Q-Sort Technique.

Enter data Q-Sorts the way they are collected, i. It computes intercorrelations among Q-Sorts, which are then factor-analysed with the Centroid or, alternatively, PCA method.

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Resulting factors can be rotated either analytically Varimax , or judgmentally with the help of two-dimensional plots. Finally, after selecting the relevant factors and 'flagging' the entries that define the factors, the analysis step produces an extensive report with a variety of tables on factor loadings, statement factor scores, discriminating statements for each of the factors as well as consensus statements across factors, etc. CSPro Census and Survey Processing System -- a public-domain software package for entering, tabulating and mapping census and survey data.

Stats 2. SABRE -- for the statistical analysis of multi-process random effect response data. Responses can be binary, ordinal, count and linear recurrent events; response sequences can be of different types.

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Such multi-process data is common in many research areas, e. Sabre has been used intensively on many longitudinal datasets surveys either with recurrent information collected over time or with a clustered sampling scheme.

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Windows versions available in Spanish and English. Mac, K; Win anticipated in September.

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Sociological Insights -- displays statistical information in an easy-to-use format, designed for teaching quantitative sociological reasoning. It uses aggregate data from the 50 U. It uses questionnaire data from the and General Social Surveys to teach distribution and cross-tabulation. The States module has variables in all. AssiStat -- a Windows-based package of calculations and analyses useful in educational and psychological research, practice, and in measurement and statistics courses. Designed as a complement to typical statistical packages rather than as a primary analysis tool, it picks up where primary analysis packages usually fall short--in performing secondary analyses like correction of correlations for restriction in range or less-than-perfect reliability, and other specialized analyses and calculations usually not available in standard packages without special programming.

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Free demo available. StatPac Survey Software -- to design andimplement surveys, and to acquire, manage and analyze data from surveys. Optional Web Survey Module and Advanced Statistics Module curve fitting, multiple regression, logistic regression, factor, analysis of variance, discriminant function, cluster, and canonical correlation.

A demo version is available limited to 35 cases. NewMDSX -- software for Multidimensional Scaling MDS , a term that refers to a family of models where the structure in a set of data is represented graphically by the relationships between a set of points in a space. MDS can be used on a variety of data, using different models and allowing different assumptions about the level of measurement. Analysis of brand choice, purchase frequency and preference data. ConTEST -- a decision support system for assembly of educational and psychological tests from item banks. T-Rasch -- exact or non-parametric tests for the Rasch model.

Kwalitan -- for analysis of qualitative data, such as protocols of interviews, articles, and annual reports. Excel Spreadsheets and Add-Ins: This Excel spreadsheet converts confidence intervals to p values, and this PDF file explains it's background and use. Adds a new menu item and installs many powerful functions: Also has routines for iterating spreadsheets to run Monte Carlo simulations, conduct randomisation tests including the Mantel test and calculate bootstrap statistics.

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Some facilities for maximum-likelihood parameter estimation, and some other generally useful functions. Free download from website, which also has documentation, examples, and related links. RegressIt - An Excel add-in for teaching and applied work. Performs multivariate descriptive analysis and ordinary linear regression.

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Creates presentation-quality charts in native editable Excel format, intelligently formatted tables, high quality scatterplot matrices, parallel time series plots of many variables, summary statistics, and correlation matrices. Includes audit trail and organization features: SimulAr -- Provides a very elegant point-and-click graphical interface that makes it easy to generate random variables correlated or uncorrelated from twenty different distributions, run Monte-Carlo simulations, and generate extensive tabulations and elegant graphical displays of the results.

EZAnalyze -- enhances Excel Mac and PC by adding "point and click" functionality for analyzing data and creating graphs no formula entry required.

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  8. Does all basic "descriptive statistics" mean, median, standard deviation, and range , and "disaggregates" data breaks it down by categories , with results shown as tables or disaggregation graphs". Advanced features: Update Available! EZ-R Stats -- supports a variety of analytical techniques, such as: Benford's law, univariate stats, cross-tabs, histograms. Simplifies the analysis of large volumes of data, enhances audit planning by better characterizing data, identifies potential audit exceptions and facilitates reporting and analysis.

    Marko Lucijanic's Excel spreadsheet to perform Log Rank test on survival data, and his article. SSC-Stat -- an Excel add-in designed to strengthen those areas where the spreadsheet package is already strong, principally in the areas of data management, graphics and descriptive statistics. SSC-Stat is especially useful for datasets in which there are columns indicating different groups. Menu features within SSC-Stat can:.

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