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In all other cases, before you even turn the printer on, uninstall and remove all old printer support from the Mac. Your printer will need to be connected properly to your Mac and ready to use before you start installing it on your Mac. This may mean configuring its Wi-Fi or other networking, or enabling AirPrint, perhaps: consult the printer documentation. Your Mac should then offer you the printer in the list of those available.

Apple AirPrint

Select it there, and then look at the Use: popup menu below. All more modern printers, models released since about , should now support AirPrint , and in most cases that should be your first choice. In the first instance, try with just AirPrint, which should work without any additional driver. That should add any other supported features, in this case access to the peripheral as a scanner. Legacy drivers should be downloaded automatically. One common test is to open Photos and ensure that it can print proper contact sheets. You should also see printer-specific features when you progress to its Print dialog proper.

Generally, most users find that printer support installed through macOS is the most reliable and compatible, but some prefer going straight to that supplied by the printer manufacturer instead.

HP Printers - Printing with Apple AirPrint (macOS and OS X)

Support by printer manufacturers varies greatly in its quality. Its site has extensive information and documentation which you should consult before trying to install anything further.

If no updates display, the Mac is up to date. Go to Updating Firmware on the Printer for steps to download and install any new version of the printer firmware. Step 3: Restart the computer, printer, and router Restart the computer, printer, and router to resolve any network or communication error states. Complete any tasks or downloads in progress before continuing. Close all running programs on your computer, including the HP software installation window, and then shut down the computer.

Reconnect the power cord to the router, and then wait for the Internet activity light to display a normal connected status.

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Step 4: Reset the printing system Resetting the Mac printing system can be useful for resolving printer connection and installation problems. Figure : Click Reset printing system. If prompted, type your user name and password, and then click OK to confirm the reset. In the Printers window, click the Add button to re-add the printer to the Mac.

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How do I scan with AirPrint? Click Scan , and then click Open Scanner. If the Scan button is not available, open Image Capture from the list of Applications, which also supports scanning. After the overview scan completes, change any settings, and then click Scan. Figure : Scanner window with Show Details setting on. How do I access more printer features and settings? AirPrint supports all standard printing and scanning functions and settings without requiring a separate driver download.

To access additional printer features and settings, you can open the printer webpage or install the HP driver.

How To Add A Printer On Apple Mac

Figure : Show Printer Webpage button in the printer options. HP printer software might include the additional features you are looking for, including access to HP Utility software. To see if the feature you want is available, install the driver from the HP website. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the printer connection and install the software. When prompted by the installer, click Add Printer to create a print queue on the Mac.

Click the name of your printer, click the Use or Print Using menu, select your printer name not AirPrint in the pop-up menu, and then click Add. Figure : Select your printer name in the Use menu on the Add screen. How do I cancel a print job?

Apple AirPrint User Guide - Canon Ireland

Cancel a print job either from the printer or through the print queue on the Mac. From the printer : Depending on your printer model, press the Cancel button , or if your printer LCD screen displays that the print job is in progress, touch the X , Stop , or Cancel.

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  5. Select a location. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. AirPrint makes it easy to print emails, photos, web pages and documents straight from your iPad or iPhone. There's no software to download, drivers to install or cables to connect. Your Apple device will automatically connect to AirPrint-enabled Epson printers.

    Use AirPrint With Any Printer With FingerPrint

    You can even scan, save and share your files. Wi-Fi printing allows you to easily connect your Mac computer wirelessly to your Epson printer.

    Sharing printers to iOS devices

    Keep your workspace free from unnecessary wires, and have the freedom to print from virtually anywhere in your home or office. New Epson printers now have their own email address, so you can send photos and documents to print from anywhere, including from any Apple device with an Internet connection. We ensure that most Epson printers, ranging from personal desktop printers to large format graphics printers, are compatible with the latest version of macOS.

    We also offer dedicated support articles for the latest versions of macOS, so you can find the information you need.

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